Bulldog Supply old buildingEdward J. Miller moved to Peachtree City in 1972, from Richmond, Virginia where he worked for RJR foods. RJR foods was sold, and Eddie went to work selling bearings. As he traveled around his territory selling, he saw a need for an Industrial Wholesale supply house in the area. He owned two Bulldogs at the time and thought the name Bulldog Supply Company was catchy.

In 1978, he purchased a small building and land from two electrical contractors at 142 Huddleston Road and named it Bulldog Supply Company and he was in business! All that he needed now were customers and suppliers! He began making sales calls for himself, for a change, and landed his first customer, Ralston Purina Company. They had need for some LPS products. Eddie contacted LPS Laboratories, and he had his first vendor! Not knowing what type of inventory needs the area had, when someone ordered product, he bought two, put one on the shelf, and built his inventory. Eddie being an energetic person and an avid golfer, decided that he could also sell golf carts. In 1978 he became the only authorized Club Car Distributor on the south side of Atlanta. It didn’t hurt that there were 50 miles of golf cart paths and bicycle trails within five miles of his business! Through the years, customers, vendors, buildings, and people were added to enable Bulldog Supply Company to grow to what it is today. A thriving business with over 200 vendors, 26,000 inventory items, and 150 golf carts, housed on the land he purchased in 1978. Eddie is still active in his business today. It is managed by his two grandsons, JH Hooper and Jonathan Hooper, on a daily basis. They continue to run the business and be innovative so that Bulldog Supply will be successful into the 21st Century.